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White Label Virtual Accountants For Accounting Practices

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How can Smartstaff’s virtual accountants support your practice?

The demand for accounting in New Zealand easily outweighs the supply. As a result, Accounting practices are often short staffed and unable to capitalise on potential revenue. That’s where Smartstaff’s white label, outsourced accounting solutions come in.

Our team are:

  • Experienced in managing accounts 
  • Familiar with your particular accounting software 
  • Knowledgeable of NZ taxes and regulations 
  • Capable of generating insightful reports

What is white label accounting?

White label accounting is more commonly known as outsourced accounting. It’s when a practice sends work to a third party company for fulfilment. Most often, the client is unaware the work has been outsourced, as they are simply invoiced by the accounting practice for the work produced. The third party deals directly with the practices team and never with the client.

How can outsourced accounting help my accounting firm?

Smartstaff can complete accounting projects on your behalf by the hour, increasing your capacity and allowing you to take on additional work without the need to hire any additional staff. We support your accountants in New Zealand by completing any project sent to us, anytime. They can focus their energy on highly important projects or more profitable advisory work, increasing your overall revenue & profit. 

Our White label virtual accounting services give you the opportunity to grow your accounting practice organically or through acquiring additional databases of clients. With access to our large team, without any capital investment, your practice’s output will increase while maintaining healthy margins. We only charge you for the hours you need, which are accurately recorded to the minute and reported to you on a weekly basis. 

Our virtual accountants work remotely, so we can assist you no matter where your accounting practice is in New Zealand. Our large team is made up of highly qualified and experienced chartered accountants, so you can rest easy knowing our work will be up to your high standards, and more importantly, your clients.

Our virtual assistant Accounting services include but aren’t limited to:

  • Accounting
  • Payroll
  • Coding bank transactions
  • GST returns
  • Creditors & debtors
  • Preparing monthly management accounts
  • End of year financial statements
  • Income tax return
  • Preparing annual budget (PNL, Balance Sheet and Cash Flow)
  • Monthly Key Performances Highlights (Presentation including the dashboard of the financial position)
  • Providing monthly variance analysis (Comparison of budget VS actual and monthly)
  • Providing monthly expense analysis
  • Providing other ad hoc operational reports on request
  • Around the clock email & phone support

Virtual Accounting pricing

$ 45
  • $Varies

  • per month

$ 42
  • $420

  • per month

$ 38 (Popular)
  • $1,140

  • per month

$ 35 (Best Rate)
  • $1,750

  • per month

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